Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end is where we start from.

I write this as 2009 draws to a close. An interesting year; the cliched rollercoaster ride. Ups, downs, twists and the strange mixture of excitement and nausea. 2010 will probably bring more of the same... but it's not what the future holds for us that matters, it's the way we face those myriad possibilities. I have recently understood that "fixing the 'outside' does not change the experience of life", that can only be achieved from inside. The external does not make us unhappy; other people, life events, our careers (or lack thereof), even our emotions and thwarted desires do not impose misery. Misery comes from within and it is the reaction we choose when faced with negativity.

I choose joy. Alles liebe.

(Tessa by Carsten Fleck 2009)

(Me by nobody)

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